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Bernville’s Past in Photos

These 30 photos were originally taken by Spencer Watts, long-time Borough resident and photographer.  The photos date to the 1970s and 1980s.  The Bernville Heritage & Cultural Society Committee has received Spencer’s permission to share these photos as a glimpse into Bernville’s past.  Perhaps you may recognize a familiar face, recall a local scene, or have a memory to two brought back by viewing these photos.  Members of the Heritage & Cultural Society Committee hope that you enjoy a stroll down memory lane by reviewing these photos. 

We apologize for any photo that may be incorrectly labeled.  Additional photos will be posted sometime in 2022. Thanks are also extended to Steve Gable for his assistance in technically converting Spencer’s original slides to photos.


Bernville H&C meeting dates for 2022:
February 15 · April 19 · June 21· August 16 · October 18 · December 20
7 PM – Bernville Borough Hall

1 – Meeting Call to Order
2 – Roll Call of Attendees / Welcoming of Guests
3 – Review of Meeting Minutes from the Prior H & C Meeting
4 – Treasurer’s Report
5 – Discussion of Current and Future Projects
A – Status updates and action items/motions required on current projects  
B – Consideration/discussion of future project proposals
C – Open discussion on topics of importance
D – Required actions/motions not yet taken
6 – Concluding remarks by attendees
7 – Announcement of Next Meeting Date
8 – Call for Adjournment


Ray C. Schaeffer’s Garage, an authorized Ford dealer, 345 Main Street.

The Committee invites you to an Open House on Sunday, January 26th from 2-5 p.m. in Bernville Borough Hall.  Hold, examine, or look through a variety of historic Bernville items from the 19th and 20th centuries.  Event will not be held if weather is inclement.


Incorporated into a borough in 1851, Bernville once boasted hotels, doctors, tinsmiths, factories, bakeries, restaurants, merchandise stores, and even car dealerships.  The following attached booklets will give you a perspective of what life was like in Bernville Borough many years ago:

These documents are also available in the History Center of the Bernville Area Community Library if you wish to read them in hard copy. (Note: the library has a copy of the 1976 Bernville Anniversary history book which offers a comprehensive history of the borough up to 1976.)

An Opportunity to Learn More of Bernville’s Past!

The Bernville Heritage & Cultural Society Committee offers to anyone who is interested in Bernville’s history several videos for online review.  These 1-3 minute videos present the history of our borough parks, churches and various buildings.  Click on the appropriate link to review one or more videos.  The videos have been created based on available information which is believed to be as correct and current as possible.  The videos are the property of Bernville Borough and the Bernville Heritage & Cultural Society Committee and are not to be used for private purposes.  We hope you enjoy learning more about Bernville’s rich history.