Terms & Conditions

Bernville Borough residential yard waste only.  Unlawful or unauthorized dumping is subject to a $300 fine.  You are required to register annually at bernvilleborough.org or in person at borough hall, prior to dumping.

The hours of operation are currently 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. 

Please note simply because you live in Bernville, Pennsylvania 19506, that doesn’t indicate that you also live in the Borough of Bernville.  The recycling center is strictly a resource for residents of the borough.

I understand that only the following items are allowed to be left at the recycling center:

· Leaves,
· Twigs,
· Branches under 4 inches in diameter,

· Branches over 4 inches in diameter provided they are cut to 12 inches or less in length,
· Plant trimmings,
· Mulch.

I understand that the following items are not allowed to be left at the recycling center:
· Grass clippings, construction waste,
· Branches over 4 inches in diameter over 12 inches in length,
· Commercial waste,
· Item not clearly stated on the allowable items list.

At this point in time, we are unable to accept grass clippings at the recycling center.
Please dump in the back of the area first and work forward.  If the area is full do not dump it in another area or on the road.  This will be considered unauthorized & unlawful dumping resulting in a $300 fine. 
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Terms and Condition