November 3, 2021 7:00 PM

Borough Council Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Facilitator: President Danny Strunk Call to order

I. Guests –

II. Mayor’s Report –

III. Police Report –

IV. Council Report – 2022 Budget

V. Secretary Report – Annual Contributions to Fire Co., Library, and Shade Tree Commission, Clay Park Flag 3’x5’, Water Meter installs, Shade Tree money that was collected by fines,

VI. Open issues

a) Generator for Well #4

b) Green Sand Filter System for Well #3

c) Advertising for Parks and Public Works Employee

d) Budget and 5 year spending plan

e) Create Building Committee

f) Replacing/Repairing Streets and Curbs


h) Rental Inspection’s – cost? And updating Ordinance

i) Zoning Ordinance Updates

j) Police Contract & Employee Manual

VII. New business

a. EMC – Jim Moyer resignation as of 12/31/2021

b. Seth Fisher is recommended for the new EMC

c. Danny Strunk Sr. resignation as borough employee

d. Justin Kiebach resignation as borough employee


IX. Adjournment