416 North Main Street

One of the first owners of this lot was Dr. Enoch Bricker, as shown on the 1854 map. Another owner was William B. Riegel, as listed on the 1860 map. Mr. Riegel lived in Bernville from 1845-1860 and was known as one of the best clock and watchmakers. He was especially good at repairing grandfather clocks. On the 1876 map, this lot was owned by J. Schock. This structure is mostly known ‘as the St. Thomas Church parsonage. St. Thomas Church bought this property in 1917. Rev. Frank W. Ruth, pastor of St. Thomas Church, lived here with his family from 1918 until 1963. He served as pastor for 44 years, He also served on the school board for 38 years. Reverend Ruth was elected to the PA State General Assembly in 1930 and in 1936 became a State Senator, being re-elected five more times. He and his wife, Florence, raised eight children in this home. St. Thomas Church sold the property in 1964. It has been a private residence since that time.

Modern Day